StarHub Keeps Competitive through Hubbing Policy

StartHub is the second largest integrated carrier in Singapore, with services covering mobile, Cable Television, broadband and fixed telephone service.
StarHub archived great success with its Hubbing strategy, that is, the convergence among different networks, different products and different services. From 2004, StarHub have started to explore the convergence among the service platform, CRM system, and IT system. Initially, StarHub selects to integrate IT system for completing the convergence of IT system. The convergence of the pre-paid system has been planned from 2005. Finally, StarHub selected to deploy ZTE's ZSmart convergent OCS solution.



  • Support the online charging with multi-service convergence. Be able to support new 3G service
  • Improve customers’ satisfaction and make the number of subscribers increase stably
  • The system must be a kind of system with high-performance and high reliability


Accomplishments and Benefits

  • Rapid deployment on tariff plan and new services
  • Flexible structure with supporting multi-system integration
  • Solution of DR with dual-network, dual-server and dual-system
  • The number of subscribers increases greatly; the pre-paid service becomes the fastest growing segment
  • New services can be deployed rapidly to meet the fast growth requirement on market


"ZTE is a technically competent and well organized company that is ready to do their utmost to ensure customer satisfaction…The system has performed exceptionally well and we are very satisfied with the system designed, performance and above all the technical support provided by ZTE as well as their competent engineers in their R&D lab that make this project a success."
—Mr. Lim Eng Huat, Vice President, StarHub.